A 4 week masterclass

  • Dare+

What to do when lifetime opportunities crop up?

Take them of course!

The dust is settling, reality is gradually returning. It's been one of the craziest, surreal, fun and most rewarding months of my life. I'm talking about Dare+ , a 4 week masterclass aimed at indie gaming entrepreneurs.

It was a highly intensive schooling in business, finance, legal and marketing, along with actually developing a product. The actual experience felt something like a combination of The Apprentice, Dragons Den and Big Brother. Next year a bunch of camera crews should follow the participants around to capture all the highs, lows, triumphs and tears - I can guarantee it would make for some amazing TV.

On day one I teamed up with 4 diverse and fantastically talented individuals and we formed Mish Mash Studios. Over the course of the month we developed a puzzle platformer for the iPad called Kua Fu which was loosely based on the ancient Chinese legend of a giant who chased the sun.

The game incorporated an interesting mechanic whereby the player could "burn" through the play area by touching the screen to reveal hidden platforms and passages.

At the end of Dare+ we had the opportunity to set up a stall and display the results of our efforts to the public at the 3 day IndieFest as part of the Dare Protoplay exhibition at the Caird Hall in Dundee. We met so many interesting people and were overwhelmed at the positive response to our game.

I'm hoping to continue collaborating with Mish Mash Studios to further develop Kua Fu, but my immediate focus has to be with Twiddly - specifically finishing off the latest update to Tilt & Sprout!