Tiny Ring

Burn Rubber with this left-turn lapper!

80s-inspired, one-touch, crash-fest

Today Twiddly Studio throws open the doors to racers from around the globe to join together and compete in a racing tournament like no other - Tiny Ring! A humorous 80s-inspired, one-touch, reaction-testing, crash-fest, designed to exhilarate and frustrate in equal measure.

Simple one-touch controls conceal the complexities of keeping an out of control race car on track. With no brakes and only one steering direction - racers must expertly judge each on coming bend at a gradually increasing speed, or risk crashing out.

The cost of admission is free. The potential glory, unlimited.

The world holds it's breath as racers lap themselves, lap their friends, in fact lap everyone to see who will be the King of the Tiny Ring?

Tiny Ring is free to download from the App Store.