SUM IDEA gets a new update

New levels, mechanics and collectables

  • SUM IDEA gets a new update

More calculated challenges await

Today, indie developer, Twiddly Studio announces a significant update for their popular number puzzle game, SUM IDEA.

This update brings players 20 new challenging levels, new game tiles and a new collectable ID card to be unlocked letting you know more about the characters of SUM IDEA.

To celebrate SUM IDEA's update in time for the holiday weekend many of the in-app purchases will be reduced from the 3rd to 6th April; hints, undos and keys will be available at a highly discounted price during this period.

SUM IDEA's 20 new levels raises the total number to 120 levels and was recently featured in the App Stores Best New Games in 153 countries and received a strong 4 out of 5 star rating from .

SUM IDEA presents players with a calculated world filled with inventive number puzzles, in which you must challenge Professor Addkins. Players need to strategically switch tiles to match the numerical formation that Professor Addkins is thinking of with the limited number of moves available. Every move is crucial to success as switching tiles can lower, raise or transform the action of adjacent tiles.

SUM IDEA is free to download from the App Store.