'SUM IDEA', slides onto the App Store

  • SUM IDEA slides onto the App Store

'SUM IDEA', a casual number puzzler for iOS

Today Twiddly Studio proudly announces the release of 'SUM IDEA', an intuitive sliding number puzzle, exclusively to the iTunes App Store.

Players will pit their mind against Professor Addkins, a cheery puzzle inventor, solving his number puzzles and progressing through his quizzical world of schematics, workshops and factory production lines. Along the way they will encounter a host of colourful characters, from Addkins’ robotic assistants to his psychic puppy, Jolt.

Within each puzzle the player must strategically swap tiles to create the pattern Professor Addkins is thinking of in the limited amount of moves available.

Every move counts, and deeper strategy comes into play as some tiles have the ability to transform others by lowering or raising their value, or transforming them in other ways. What appears to be a simple mechanic serves up some fiendishly clever puzzles that can be solved in a variety of ways.

Broad Appeal

SUM IDEA is designed to be readily accessible, whilst still providing a challenge to players of all ages.

Andrew Nicholls, Twiddly Studio's Art Director, elaborates:

"We wanted to develop a casual and rewarding puzzle game experience where claiming victory over a level was down to the player's skill and use of strategy. Last year we showed prototypes of the game at GDC and Dare Protoplay where it was very well received. It was a real validation of our design to see whole families enjoying the game, from kids to grandparents. This accessibility also makes it the ideal game to fill those 5 minutes on the bus on the way to work."

SUM IDEA presents a compelling challenge of mental dexterity to expand the mind through its initial 100 levels of addictive gameplay available at launch. Simple mechanics, stimulating puzzles and a spirited design style in an innovative puzzle game designed for all to play.

SUM IDEA can be downloaded for free on the iTunes App Store .